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Welcome to our comprehensive IngramSpark Publishing Services, where your manuscript is transformed into a captivating book ready to engage readers worldwide. At American Digital Publishers, we take pride in being a premier agency for IngramSpark self-publication services, offering detailed developmental editing to enhance readability, improve narrative structure, and maintain consistent style and tone throughout your work.

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Making the decision to publish your book is the first step on an exhilarating journey, one that should be marked by the joy of creation rather than overshadowed by the complexities of the publishing process. This is where we come in. As a professional IngramSpark publishing company, we provide unparalleled expertise and personalized attention to every author we work with. We believe in creating partnerships that facilitate the transformation of your hard work and creativity into a published masterpiece.

Whether you're a seasoned author or embarking on your first publishing venture, we promise a collaborative approach that champions your unique voice. Combining our comprehensive understanding of the industry with your individual needs, we ensure that every aspect of the publishing process is meticulously managed. Choosing us means choosing a dedicated team wholly committed to making your vision a tangible reality. Let's collaborate and make your publishing journey as remarkable as your story.

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Our Comprehensive IngramSpark Publishing Services

IngramSpark Publication

Our comprehensive IngramSpark publication services are designed to make the publishing process as smooth and efficient as possible. We manage every detail, from setting up your IngramSpark account to uploading your book's details and arranging distribution channels. Our aim is to ensure your book reaches its maximum potential audience. Our team of experts leverages the platform's tools and capabilities to provide a hassle-free publication experience.

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IngramSpark Editing

At our core, IngramSpark Editing is all about enhancing the quality of your manuscript. Our meticulous editors are dedicated to refining your work, ensuring that it meets the highest standards of readability, coherence, and literary excellence. Through thorough examination and thoughtful revisions, we enhance your manuscript's structure, clarity, and overall impact. Our aim is to help your book shine, captivate readers, and leave a lasting impression.

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IngramSpark Cover Design

The saying "don't judge a book by its cover" may be timeless, but it doesn't negate the importance of a visually appealing cover. Our IngramSpark Cover Design service focuses on creating a captivating, genre-appropriate cover that effectively communicates your book's essence. We understand that a well-designed cover serves as a powerful marketing tool that can significantly boost your book's chances of success. With our creative design team at your service, we ensure that your book stands out on the shelf, both in print and online.

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IngramSpark Marketing

Effective marketing is the key to a book's success in a competitive marketplace. IngramSpark Marketing is dedicated to developing a tailored marketing strategy for your book, maximizing its visibility and impact. Through targeted promotions, strategic communication, and leveraging digital platforms, we ensure that your book gets the attention it deserves. Our goal is to help you connect with your target audience and build a readership that appreciates your work.

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IngramSpark Printing

IngramSpark Printing ensures that your book is not only impeccably designed but also produced to the highest quality standards. We understand that the tangible aspect of your book is as essential as its content. With access to IngramSpark's high-quality printing services, we ensure that your book is produced using the best materials and printing technologies available. The result is a professional, well-crafted book that you can be proud to share with your readers.

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Take the leap into the world of published authors! Don't wait another moment. Publish my book on IngramSpark and witness your dream turn into reality. From meticulous editing to strategic marketing, we've got you covered. Let's bring your story to life together.

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Our Seamless
IngramSpark Self-Publishing Process

Manuscript Preparation

Our first step involves refining your manuscript. Our expert editors meticulously examine your work to enhance its structure, tone, and consistency. This in-depth preparation is key to ensuring your book captivates its readers.

Create an IngramSpark Account

We set up your IngramSpark account, a platform renowned for its extensive global reach and high-quality printing. This account will be your personal dashboard to track your book's journey.

Book Setup

Our team works on setting up your book in the IngramSpark system, which includes choosing book formats, entering book information, and uploading your manuscript and cover files.

Distribution Channels

We then select appropriate distribution channels to maximize your book's exposure. Whether it's online retailers, libraries, or bookstores, we ensure your book reaches its potential readership.

Pricing and Royalties

We help you understand and set competitive pricing for your book while ensuring you understand the royalties you will receive from various channels. We aim to create a balance between market trends and your financial expectations.

Review and Approve Proof

Once your book is set up, we provide you with a digital proof for review. This is your opportunity to see how your final book will look and approve it before it goes to print.

Global Distribution

Once approved, your book is ready for global distribution. Leveraging IngramSpark's extensive network, we make sure your book is accessible to readers around the world.

Sales and Royalties

Post-publication, we continuously monitor sales and track royalties. We provide you with regular updates and insights to help you understand your book's market performance.

Why Choose Us for Your IngramSpark Services

Unwavering Commitment to Quality

We are driven by our dedication to excellence. From initial consultation to post-publication, our unwavering commitment to quality permeates every aspect of our services.

Personalized Services

We recognize that each author and their work is unique. Thus, we offer personalized services to meet your individual needs and cater to the nuances of your manuscript.


Leveraging years of experience, we have a deep understanding of industry standards and trends. We utilize this knowledge to offer you professional IngramSpark publishing services that give your book the competitive edge.

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Comprehensive Services

Our services cover all stages of publication - from manuscript editing and cover design to marketing and post-publication support. You can rely on us to guide you through each step of the publishing journey.

Strategic Marketing

We develop a tailored marketing strategy for your book, maximizing its exposure and reach. Through targeted promotions and effective communication, we ensure your book gets the attention it deserves.

Post-publication Support

Our relationship doesn't end with publication. We offer post-publication support, tracking sales, managing promotional activities, and offering insights to help you achieve sustained success in your writing career.



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IngramSpark is a self-publishing platform that allows authors to publish and distribute their books in print and digital formats. It offers access to a wide distribution network, making your book available to bookstores, libraries, and online retailers globally. Choosing IngramSpark means gaining exposure and reaching a broader audience for your work.

IngramSpark offers editing services to help improve the quality of your manuscript. Our professional editors review your work, provide constructive feedback, and make necessary revisions to enhance its readability, coherence, and overall impact. Our goal is to ensure your book is polished and ready for publication.

The cover of your book is its first impression, and it matters greatly in attracting readers. IngramSpark provides cover design services to create an eye-catching, genre-appropriate cover that effectively represents your book's essence. Our creative design team ensures your book stands out and entices potential readers.

IngramSpark offers marketing services to help promote your book effectively. We develop personalized marketing strategies that leverage various channels to maximize your book's visibility and reach its target audience. Our goal is to help you connect with readers and build a following for your work.

IngramSpark offers extensive distribution channels, including access to bookstores, libraries, and online retailers worldwide. We handle the details of setting up your book on the platform, categorizing it correctly, and ensuring proper distribution. Your book will be available to a broad readership through our distribution network.

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